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Elysium oak Parquet cubic design
The 3D-cube pattern elysium Oak

The Overview:

Salvaje Dubai Restaurant Opera District - Address Residences - Downtown Dubai

We manufactured this special oak parquet design with a hard wax oil finish in a matt sheen each inlay has been beveled to add depth to the 3D effect of a cube climbing each on one another 

The Pattern:

The 3D-cube pattern on a floor appears to be an actual three-dimensional item - no matter from which side are you looking at it.
Such flooring design is quite known, but it got a new actuality during the last years, with experiments in dimensions and toning.

3D-cube pattern Elysium Oak
The 3D-cube pattern elysium Oak

The Finish:

This iconic parquet flooring has a hardwax oil finish which has a molecular bonding technology, a durable finish that keeps the woods natural look and feel is achieved.

The color is called chocolate a rich reddish dark brown colour unique and elegant.

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