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What is Herringbone Parquet

58mm Wide Oak Herringbone
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One of the most popular solid wood parquet flooring choices is the herringbone pattern. Parquet flooring refers to the use of small wood blocks in perfect rectangles to create geometric patterns that interlock where each plank meets, resulting in a staggered zigzag pattern along the edges of the block

This arrangement of parquet flooring was inspired by ancient Romans who applied it in road construction. Now you can see this design of wood parquet flooring in just about any modern interior for both domestic and commercial properties.

Sometimes confused with chevron wood flooring. However, what sets these wood floors apart is that chevron floors result in a sharp “V” shaped edge. Chevron and herringbone patterns are both tasteful choices for wood patterned floors, but chevron parquet flooring is considered to give a more Scandinavian aesthetic.

Natural oak Herringbone wooden flooring

Benefits of Parquet Floors

Parquet flooring is more than just stunning at first glance. It is a symbol of refined craftsmanship that property owners value in their wood floors. This wooden flooring can be installed using either solid wood or engineered wood blocks.

It takes excellent skills on the part of flooring experts to create a perfectly uniform and smooth result with a zig-zag pattern, whether the blocks laid have been glued or nailed down as flooring.

The styles of parquet flooring are also varied as demonstrated by the choice between chevron and herringbone patterned floors.

So you have different aesthetics to choose from besides the zigzag pattern of herringbone. The different woods also accommodate varied color choices to match whatever décor style. The sizing of the parquet blocks can also be varied to create a more bespoke look.

Both chevron and herringbone floors also tend to be very stable and durable when well cared for, no matter the level of foot traffic. Even with engineered wood flooring, you can still achieve long-lasting quality results.

When it comes to cleaning, parquet flooring is easy to keep sanitary through regular sweeping and flooring. This type of wood flooring does not stain easily, nor absorb odors. This is also why parquet floors are ideal for those that require an allergen-free environment or wood flooring option suited to keeping pets.

Parquet floors can also accommodate modern touches like underfloor heating. This customization will help keep your room comfortable to walk on bare feet.

herringbone parquet for offices

Why Choose the Herringbone Pattern?

Herringbone parquet floors are very versatile. This popular choice of herringbone design can be installed using a range of different colors and finishes. The rectangular wood blocks can also be made to a variety of specifications for varied styles.

Herringbone parquet flooring is highly sophisticated and complements both classic and contemporary décor. It is also an accessible option for most budgets as you can comfortably have the herringbone pattern installed with solid wood, reclaimed wood parquet, or engineered wood. Many types of engineered wood are a more affordable alternative than solid wood, yet can be just as durable.

Caring for Herringbone Parquet Flooring

The ease of care required for herringbone parquet flooring is a big part of the reason it is a popular choice.


Once the herringbone floors are installed in a space, do make an effort to avoid letting people walk on it with shoes to better preserve its finish.


While herringbone wood flooring can withstand spills, it is advisable to wipe them away as soon as possible.


Make sweeping with a soft brush and moping with a microfiber mop and wood cleaning solution a part of your routine when caring for herringbone flooring.

Protector Pads

Use this underneath furniture legs to help prevent them from scratching the surface of the wooden planks they stand on or if dragged across.

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