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straight plank

Straight Plank

Oak flooring – A floor for life

We bring out the aesthetic shape of wood, working artfully on the surfaces of floorboards and parquet floors. The extensive experience gained from processing original FSC Certified  timber enables us to elicit the natural beauty in form and colour from new timber. The native type of wood that we mainly use is Central European oak.

Straight Plank Oak Flooring | Impressions


14 x 190 x 1900 ( T x W x L )

Advantages of the Elysium Plank

  1. 3x Faster installation

  2. Easiest Click system on the market 

  3. Large area tolerance 

  4. Water resistance

  5. Perfect alignment  

  6. FSC Certified


Floorboards Finishing

In addition to our untreated floorboards, we also offer a wide range of colour treatments. Among other things, we use the natural tannin for the diverse colour design of our surfaces. We only use water-based products as well as natural oils and waxes to protect our floorboards. By using high-quality products, we can create easy-care surfaces. These surfaces can be refreshed again and again and easily repaired in case of damage. Sanding is not required, even after years.

If you don’t have the right one for your taste, don’t be afraid to contact us, together with you we will find your individual colour.

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