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Chevron Oak Elysium Oak
Elysium Oak Chevron

The Overview:

45° classical chevron parquet with a Minwax Golden Pecan stain and a high gloss lacquer creating a mirror effect throughout the floor achieving a glamour city home atmosphere

Throughout the rest of the apartment, we have our traditional straight-plank in the corridors and in the bedrooms creating a flow of the room and more calm spaces.

The Patterns:

The chevron pattern can visually make smaller rooms appear more spacious, this is why it is often a great choice for small bedrooms and guest bedrooms too. Chevron pattern is also a classic option for living rooms and dining rooms as it creates a welcoming, inviting very warm, and classical atmosphere.

The halls and bedrooms have traditional straight planks offering subtle and calm spaces.

semisolid wooden flooring Elysium Oak_ed
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