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MS-20 Plus

Full surface adhesive based on Hybrid Polymer technology for engineered (multilayer) timber flooring which bonds to a very wide range of surfaces, both porous and non porous. Single component, ready to use, clean, easy to apply, does not contain solvents or iscoyanate


Over view:


Screenshot 2023-06-17 at 6.03_edited.png

Very low emissionvalue (EC1Plus)


French legislation which measures the number of VOCs


  • -  Elastic

  • -  EC-1R PLUS label: very low emission

  • -  Ready to use, single component

  • -  Solvent free

  • -  Contains no water

  • -  Free of isocyanates

  • -  Easy to apply

  • -  Forms stable peaks once applied by a notched                 trowel or spreader comb

  • -  Rapid cure and build up of final bond strength

  • -  High final bond strength (according to EN14293)

  • -  Suitable for underfloor heating

  • -  Avoids staining of the hands

Parquet dimensions:

Maximum dimension parquet

Solid Oak

Engineered Oak

max. width x min. thickness (mm x mm)

150 x 12 mm

160 x 20 mm

200 x 14

How to use the product?

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