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Elysium Oak Wooden Flooring
Elysium Oak Real Wood Floors

The Overview:

We manufactured this bespoke 30° Chevron flooring boards, and finished the parquet with a clear coat to show the loud expression of the natural variation oak. Fully manufactured locally in Dubai

The Plank & Finish:

As a object graded oak each board has a large variation and a very expressive change of colour between every board. the colour is a clear coat of hardwax oil in a satin sheen.

As the protective coat is a clear coat the only colouring that was added was a yellow tint preventing a uniform boards and giving the timber the opportunity to show its authentic colour and expressions.

The Chevron was made to be flawed to show old world flooring styles.

Elysium Oak Real Wood Floors
Elysium Oak Real Wood Floors

Elysium Oak is proud to produce the most luxurious bespoke wooden flooring at the most competitive prices seen in the Emirates

Plank Dimensions:

540 x 90 x 10/4 - Length x Width x Thickness

30° chevron 

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