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elysium oak real wood floors

The Overiew:

We manufactured this Traditional straight plank oak wooden flooring with an environmentally friendly stain base that works on a unique Cellular Saturated Anchoring (CSA) technology containing nano minerals structures and micro-pigments

The Plank & Finish:

for the protective coating there is a Hardwax oil which has a unique blend of natural oils and hard waxes which enhances the natural look and feel of the wood for classical and timeless effect and finish


Elysium Oak Plank, Toto Abu Dhabi_edited.jpg

Elysium Oak is proud to produce the most luxurious bespoke wooden flooring at the most competitive prices seen in the Emirates

Features and Highlights:

0% VOC's, NO volatile organic compounds

100% Eco-Friendly

Easy to maintain and renovate

Planks 14 x 190 x 1900 / White European Oak / 5th generation click system

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