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Chevron,Elysium Oak
Chevron,Elysium Oak

The Overview:

45* Rustic Chevron in a 0% VOC Oil Finish at this Downtown Dubai Property, We take great joy in manufacturing unqiue wooden flooring for unqiue properties

The Plank & Finish:


As a Rustic-graded oak, each board has a large variation, embracing the beauty of nature.

For the protective coat, we used during the manufacturing process our hardwax oil Due to this molecular bonding technology, a durable finish that keeps the wood’s natural look and feel is achieved. No more need for building up plastic layers on the surface of the wood, as with traditional polyurethanes

Chevron,Elysium Oak
Chevron,Elysium Oak

The Pattern:


Chevron orgianl name French herringbone pattern originates in France in the seventeenth century, where it is still widely represented in the palaces of nobles and kings. This laying method helps significantly expand the space of your room.


Chevron Size:         Construction:

90 x 600 x 14                   2 Groove 2 Tongue


4 sided deep perimeter bevelling

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