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  • Product Information
    Elysium Oak - Engineered Oak wooden flooring consists of individual wooden strips placed down on the floor to form various colour and textural patterns. The wood grain and natural colours give plank flooring a unique appearance every single time. People love the natural aesthetics which come with our plank flooring products. Many people believe plank flooring has the most natural look because the colours and textures blend so well together. Sometimes it can be hard to notice the individual planks if the colours align perfectly.
  • Aqua Collection Colours
    Micro pigments are used in the production process of wood. Aqua Collection offers the wood a uniform look and brings out the wood grain. Available sheens Matt, Satin & Silk
  • Plank Dimensions
    Tradtional Plank Style: 1900mm Length x 190mm width x 14mm thick (75% 1900 25% 950) Ratio Lengths Herringbone: 540mm Lengths 90mm width x 14mm thick
  • Why Elysium Oak - Engineered Oak
    For anyone who lives in an area or environment that would cause wood flooring to contract and expand, engineered plank flooring can tolerate moisture better than traditional planks. The chance that a wood floor could become damaged is a huge deterrent that makes some people think that they can’t enjoy oak plank flooring. The risk of environmental damage is much less with engineered oak plank flooring. The installation of engineered oak plank flooring is incredibly easy. Whether it’s in the kitchen or home office, the ease of installation should ensure that the project is done quickly and efficiently.
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