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The Overview:

We manufactured these 90° Herringbone flooring boards and finished the parquet with a bespoke colored stain which was a tailor-made tone to suit the clients who needed a fresh and energetic atmosphere. Fully manufactured locally in Dubai

The Plank & Finish:


As a prime-graded oak, each board has minimum variation, but still enough to review the beauty of nature 

For the protective coat, we used a crystal lacquer with a high-traffic formula to enable the new manufacturer parquetry flooring to last against the heavy demands of wear and tear This busy conference will see. For the sheen, we used a satin sheen to offer more vibrance to the floor and area

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The Pattern:


Over thousand of years old, the herringbone pattern is experiencing a renaissance as designers embrace equally utilizing the design as a powerful centerpiece of the project or as the complete floor.


Each herringbone pattern below is perfectly matched to a respective plank, both in appearance and thickness allowing seamless transitions when used in unison on a project

Herringbone Size:         Construction:

90 x 460 x 14                   3 Groove 1 Tongue


4 sided deep perimeter bevelling

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