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Versailles Flooring Dubai

Parquetry Wooden Floor Panels


The original Versailles pattern consists of a square panel with a diagonal basket-weave pattern inside it. The pattern got its name from the Versailles Palace, where it was first installed in the majestic mirror room, the epitome of French grandeur and luxury. This says a lot about the look of this unique pattern. By now there are many classic variants of the Versailles pattern, each with their own geometric pattern inside a square. Each one is a true eye-catcher!

The designer flooring panels is perfect for those looking to step outside their comfort zone and do something unique with their interior. The flooring originated in France and was first used in the Palace of Versailles. This is where this design gets its prestigious and wealthy association.

Engineered wood is highly resilient to domestic use, meaning it will hold its natural appearance for years. It has become more favourable to solid wood as it is more durable, easier to maintain and can withstand fluctuating temperatures, so if you’re looking to install underfloor heating this is the floor for you.

Parquet – oiled, waxed, limed or leached

In addition to our untreated floorboards, we also offer a wide range of colour treatments. To protect the surface treatments, only water-based products and natural oils and waxes are used. If you don’t have the right one for your taste, don’t be afraid to contact us, together with you we will find your individual colour.


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